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A Pro-Wrestler’s Guide to Self-Confidence 

What makes you unique, and how can you use it to your advantage?

In many ways, when it comes to understanding who we are, we can often find ourselves in the dark. At a very young age, we are thrust into an environment where being the same is considered status quo. But what if we could break down that barrier and discover our own unique abilities? Can we possibly amplify who we are and make us the biggest versions of ourselves? Former professional wrestler, Mike Kinney, is doing this right now—changing self-perception for the better, and helping to kickstart a profound revolution in self-confidence. In his inspiring keynote, Mike believes you are more than you think you are, but you have to find what makes you unique and use it to your advantage.

For years Kinney "turned up" the parts of himself that made him special as he invented and perfected his wrestling persona, “Cowboy” Gator Magraw. In a talk, equal parts funny and smart, he brings his wisdom from the ring to everyday life, sharing how we can all live more confidently and reach our fullest potential, which might transform your industry—whether in education, health care, design, business, or beyond.

For organizations, leaders, and individuals, Mike will show you how to boost your self-confidence while “turning up” your special skill-sets for real gains in productivity, capacity, performance, innovation and morale.

•Self-Confidence in Schools (Students & Staff)

•Self-Confidence in the Workplace

 •Re-Dreaming (How to navigate change.)

Booking information:
In addition to the topics above, Mike is available to customize and do small group programs. For more information on Mike's presentation topics or to book him for your next event, panel, workshop or conference feel free to reach out! 

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